Podcast - Indie vs Unicorn

Title: Indie vs Unicornio
Theme: Talk about entrepreneurship from all its angles seen through the eyes of a bootstrapper vs a fundraiser. This will be in Spanish.
Style: It should be two friends talking. Friendly banter. Simply talk away and say whatever you want. At the most, we’ll edit it afterwards.
Episode types:
  • Pick a topic from below and do an Indie vs Unicorn view on each one.
  • Explore interesting companies and business models.
  • Bring on guests to interview (Unicorn company founders, VCs, Indie Hackers or bootstrappers making millions).
  • Talk about current events happening in the industry
Time Commitment: Maximum of 1 hour per week. All pre and post production will be handled by the Indie team.
Selection of Interesting Topics:
  • Fundraising
  • Recruiting
  • Cultura / mindset
  • Business models
  • How to validate a SAAS
  • Ideation
  • Validacion de ideas
  • Founding team
  • Landscape actual
  • How to find a co-founder
  • How to pick a co-founder
  • Industry news - shit that went down and happened
  • Thread about Ikigai
  • Thread about compounding
  • Time billionaire
  • First, second and third order magnitude
  • Ongoing thread of my NFTs
  • Pricing tips and tricks
  • Sense of urgency
  • Tener un enemigo comun strategy / Pick a fight
  • EOS - Visionary, operator
  • How to be a better listener
  • Side Hustle / 10% entrepreneur
  • Pricing on value
  • Mas facil latino ($1k por mes) vs yankee ($5k con deuda universitaria)
  • Ideation exercises
  • Personal board
  • Accountability partner
  • Thread de como hacer threads fuego
  • Reactivo vs Proactivo - Servicios vs Producto
  • Ladder to Wealth
  • Bootstrap vs VC. When should I do which.
  • Costo oportunidad en tus 20s
  • Como financiar tu startup (no dilutivo, servicios, pre-sell, etc)