Accountant as a Service

Idea: Launch a productized service providing foreign accountants as a service providing a full time trained accounting professional to CPAs and small businesses in the US.
Target Clients:
  • Our main buyer persona will be US based CPAs who need additional man/women power in their teams.
  • Our secondary buyer persona will be small businesses and startups whose internal finance team would like additional help.
Background and business model: Accountants in LATAM, particularly in Argentina, are highly trained professionals whose current best work option is to work for a multi-national in their country and are under-valued. We believe we can help these accountants find jobs working for US based accountants or small businesses getting paid in US dollars. We will create specialized training to help these foreign accountants learn the tools (such as Quickbooks) and forms (IRS) used in the US.
Pricing: Each resource will bill their clients monthly somewhere between $2000 to $2500 a month in exchange for working 8 hours daily. It may also be fractional (working for more than client part time).
Competitors: The only companies providing these services are the large multinational consultancies such as Accenture, KPGM, Tata, etc where they only provide these services to large enterprise clients. We believe we can democratice this service so small companies or direct accountants can access the same talented resources.
Same business model in different industries: - Marketing: https://www.growthassistant.com/
- Customer Service: https://www.ltvplus.com/
Expected Outcome: For each person we place, we believe we believe the company will be making approximately $1000 of revenue monthly. So with 50 placed resources, the company will be in a $50k MRR range. We believe we can easily get to 100 placed resources in Year 1 and 300 by year 2.
We are looking for two amazing founders to help create this new venture.
Product Co-founder: An accountant or similar who would love to become an entrepreneur. You will be mainly in charge of creating the product which will be mainly how to hire and train the local accountants and ensuring their onboarding with clients.
Growth Co-founder: A marketer who would love to market the shit out of this. You will be mainly in charge of creating and running all the sales efforts through digital presence and campaigns.
If you are interested, please email Lucas Lopatin or apply here.