Phishing As a Service

Idea: A fully managed ethical phishing productized service providing phishing attack simulations and security awareness trainings.
Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords to hack the internal system of a company.
User Flow: Clients will simply provide a list of employees and our startup will deploy a personalized ethical phishing campaign on a monthly basis to each of their employees. For the employees that fall for the phishing trap, the startup will provide security training to teach how to spot and identified the information security threats. Finally, reporting will be available to analyze the maturity level of your organization in terms of security awareness and provide tools to keep improving it.
Target Customers: LATAM growing startups, fintechs and organizations who believe phishing to be a major thread to their operations.
Pricing: Our pricing will be based on the size of your organization, typically ranging from $1 - $2 per person monthly. For a 200 person company, the typical price will be between $200 and $400 a month.
Product Evolution: As we continue scaling, we will be deploying hyper personalized emails to each employee by using AI solutions. We also expect to provide Whaling service.
Direct (Same business model and service):
US Based Company - https://hooksecurity.co/
EU Based Company - https://phished.io/product/
Even tough our product will provide a fully managed campaign and focused security awareness training, there are many tools that helps InfoSec teams to design and launch their own ethical phishing campaigns with a similar pricing that can be considered as competitors.
Expected Outcome: With our MVP, we expect to reach $200,000 ARR in the first year, scaling to $1.5m ARR by end of year 2 and $3mm ARR by end of year 3.
Team: An amazing tech co-founder is behind this idea, with over 5 years in the InfoSec industry. He will run product and do the full development of V1.
He is looking for a rock star growth co-founder to join him.
Growth Co-founder: We are looking for an amazing growth co-founder to help create this new venture. A security passionate marketer who would love to market the shit out of this. You will be mainly in charge of creating and running all the sales efforts through digital presence and campaigns. If this is you, please apply here or contact Lucas.
Importante: Como el mercado inicial es LATAM, no es necesario saber Ingles. Siempre es plus, pero no es necesario.
Funding: Indie Build will provide up to $50,000 through its co-creation model, which will be used to fund the founders to build the MVP and the initial sales. Non-dilution financing will be used for further growth.