SAAS Scope 3 Emissions

Idea: A tool that you connect to all your SaaS vendors and it tells you your carbon footprint according to your usage in each platform.
Outputs: Your company's SAAS based scope 3 emissions in a simple report, easy to follow, share and track over time which allows you to make smart decisions and minimise your footprint by better selecting which SAAS vendors you use. It will additionally provide certification in PDF and as a badge for the websites.
User Flow: Connect your 3rd party SAAS or platforms that you use. MVP SAAS' are yet TBD, but we'll assume we will first do the biggest cloud player (AWS, Azure and GCP), biggest workspace platforms (Google Suite, Microsoft 365) and biggest communitcations platforms (Slack, Zoom). Eventually to add the largest CRMs, ERPs, BI, SCM, etc.
Pricing: Would aim for a monthly SAAS fee between $100 to $300.
Recommended Reading:
Evaluating the carbon footprint of a software platform hosted in the cloud - link. Hiding greenhouse gas emissions in the cloud - link. Scope 3 Emissions - Overview, Protocols and Best Practices - link. How to measure a site and its infrastructure - link.
Website Carbon - link.
Expected Outcome: Sell to one of the extremely well funded players in 3 to 5 year range for $10 to $20mm.
Funding and M&A:
Climate tech funding and M&A is an all time high and over $50B.
50% more actives investors.
2022 funding expected to be a record year.
US is still by far the biggest center of companies and funding.