Bootstrapping Presentation

  1. Intro to Lucas and Indie Build
    1. UV → bootstrapped and sold!
    2. PlusAtlas → bootstrapped and profitable!
    3. Indie Build → Creating bootstrapped companies
    4. (Hice el MBA en la DiTella, no me odien)
  1. Primero que todo - interrumpanme! Me aburre escucharme, hagan preguntas en el medio!
  1. What do these companies have in common? (MailChimp, Shutterstock,, ThoughMudder, Essen, Minecraft, Spanx, Zoho, CraigsList, Arcor)
  1. Show the same companies with their numbers
  1. → They were all bootstrapped!
  1. What is bootstrapping?
  1. Why bootstrap a startup?
    1. Personal freedom, no investors, no one to answer to.
    2. You have the full decision making power!
    3. You are more efficient with the money you actually have and be more creative.
    4. Grow your startup at your rhythm
    5. You want to create a “lifestyle business”.
    6. In other words - FREEDOM
    7. and well, you might not have an option..
      1. You don’t have access to investors
      2. Your idea isn’t “big enough” for investors
      3. No one believes your idea is good enough so no one will invest
  1. Why you shouldn’t (or can’t) bootstrap:
    1. Your idea is too large to bootstrap
    2. You want to “blitzcale” - go as fast as possible
    3. You need too much upfront capital or manufacturing investing
    4. You want to de-risk your startup (i.e. play with other people’s money)
  1. Now - what is the BEST answer to why you would like to bootstrap a startup?
    1. You want to become rich - your chances of winning a $1,000,000 are much higher when you bootstrap.
    2. Expected value and Lifestyle business (4 hour work dream)
  1. Path to creating a bootstrapped startup (headline)
  1. Idea. Well, duh - you need to start with an idea (
    1. Put as bullets all the different frameworks (put the URL at the bottom)
  1. How to validate a startup idea
    1. Write a memo
    2. Customer Interviews
    3. Landing page (sign up form or credit card)
    4. Design the cashflow (cash is king and being a ruthless penny-pincher is queen)
    5. Can you build it with the available capital?
    6. Pick any other “must haves” (bullets from
  1. How to find a cofounder
    1. Bullets con los items principales de
  1. How to validate a cofounder
    1. Bullets con los items principales de
  1. How to fund a bootstrapped business
    1. First - we probably need much less than we imagine that we need:
    2. notion image
    3. Start:
      1. Savings
      2. Sell before you build! Pre-venta es todo 🙂
      3. Consulting
      4. Sell services and then build a product
      5. Side hustle
      6. Family and friends (loan or investment)
      7. Crowdfunding
  1. How to build the MVP:
    1. No code (go in detail)
    2. Cofound with a product person or CTO
    3. Outsource
    4. Hire full time
    5. Ps - the secret to bootstrapping is keeping your costs as low as possible!)
  1. How to distribute the MVP - The following are all free or close to free marketing options::
    1. Your network!
    2. Community Led Growth (Twitter, YT, FB, etc)
    3. SEO (Content)
    4. Social Media (Virality)
    5. Cold Outreach (LinkedIn, emails)
    6. Influencer Marketing
    7. Guerrilla Actions
    8. Word of Mouth
    9. Press
  1. Scale!
    1. Financing growth:
      1. Prestamos (bancarios o similares)
      2. Crowdfunding
      3. Factoring
      4. Non dilutive financing (Saas, Peer to Peer, Revenue Based)
  1. Preguntas!
  • En los slides que hay multiples puntos, que aparezcan uno por uno, no todos juntos.
  • Idealmente la mayor cantidad de slides que sean fotos, texto al minimo